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Ont. cat came back after 11-month absence


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Pickering, Ont. – Amanda Lemon was sure her cat Haze was dead.

Haze ran away 11 months ago after Lemon’s nephew, who was staying at her Pickering home, left the front door open.

Her son, Ricky Taylor, 21, came home and noticed the cat was gone.

There were so many people who … said, ‘Your cat’s probably dead. Racoons probably got it, or somebody ran over it.’ I guess (it was meant) to prepare us for the worst,” Taylor said. “We eventually started believing it.”

Lemon and her daughter put up posters and informed the local animal services department.

“When something dies, you know there’s no hope. When something goes missing, you just wonder,” Taylor said.

But last month, Lemon got a call from Michelle Browne, who said she had found Haze emaciated and wandering the streets of Pickering.

“I thought it was somebody’s cat … It was way too friendly to be a stray,” Browne said.

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