Philadelphia Flyers mascot ‘Gritty’ cleared of assault allegation

Philadelphia Flyers mascot ‘Gritty’ cleared of assault allegation

Police in Philadelphia cleared Gritty, the Flyers’ fuzzy, orange mascot, of allegations of assault.

Gritty was under investigation for an alleged physical assault of a 13-year-old boy during a photo shoot at the team’s stadium in November.

But in a news release Monday, police announced the investigation was over.

“That investigation, which has been completed and is no longer active, determined that the actions of the individual portraying the Flyers’ mascot did not constitute physical assault as alleged,” the news release stated.

Chris Greenwell, the boy’s father, wrote in a Facebook post last month that his son, Brandon, was “punched and injured” by Gritty at an event for season ticket holders, and that the organization “tried to bribe me not to speak about it.”

In an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Greenwell said that after a photo was taken, his son patted Gritty on the head and then walked away. The mascot got up, “took a running start,” and “punched my son as hard as he could,” Greenwell told the newspaper.

“We took Mr. Greenwell’s allegations seriously and conducted a thorough investigation that found nothing to support this claim,” the Flyers said in a statement released last month.

Greenwell, who said he won’t renew his season tickets, told the Inquirer that his son saw a chiropractor and was diagnosed with a back bruise.

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