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President Obama’s Proposed Mandatory Physical Therapy Electronic Documentation to Take Effect by 2014

Toronto News, (PR) October 26, 2012

President Obama proposed to make mandatory Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that will provide physical therapy management staff with an efficient method of accurately maintaining patient records.

Busy physical therapists and office staff having the ability of quickly accessing physical therapy patient information when scheduling and billing via computer can save valuable time while improving office productivity. EMR systems offer physical therapists the opportunity to view indispensable, updated documentation at a glance. Ideally, an EMR system contains all the pertinent patient information on a single page, and all that’s needed to update a current visit is a few touches on a screen.

Additionally, EMR systems can greatly reduce the likelihood of errors, which avoids expensive lawsuits, the repaying of insurance funds during a post-payment audit and ensures compliance. Billing mistakes can easily occur in busy physical therapy practices. Even small mistakes can be costly. When billing mistakes are made during the claims process, the claim can be rejected or even denied. Rejected claims must then be corrected and re-submitted. This costs time and money for practices. EMR can greatly reduce these mistakes.



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