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Protagonist Must Stop Biological Attack in New Novel

Toronto News, (PR) April 16, 2012

Drawing on more than three decades of CIA experience, William Stegall presents his thriller From the Mouth of the Mamba (published by iUniverse).

In From the Mouth of the Mamba a bioterrorist organization gains access to a biological weapon with links to long-dead Nazi Germany, through old paths touching three continents and the Vatican. Stegalls hero, Briggs Chester, must lead a covert paramilitary team along the trail to stop this terrible weapon before it can be unleashed.

An excerpt from From the Mouth of the Mamba:

Briggs never spent any real time in Africa, and did not relish the idea of beginning to do so at this stage of his life. The last time he had been in Africa was when he had been a part of a special paramilitary group that deployed in the Sixties to link up with Mike Hores commandos in trying to rescue some Embassy hostages in Stanleyville. That was a long time ago, and a lot of water flowed under the bridge since those days.

One reviewer notes The basic premise of this book was terrific. The Vatican Pipeline assisted many Nazi officers in their escape from prosecution at the end of World War II. Many of the medical doctors ended up in Africa, suggesting a link between their presence and the spread of AIDS on that continent.

Though From the Mouth of the Mamba is fiction, Stegall writes with a clear and important message in mind. Our way of life in the civilized parts of this planet are in extreme danger of being taken over, he says. The terrorists are willing to do whatever is required to accomplish their master plan to eliminate the civilized world, while there are many groups who work hard to prevent this.

About the Author

William Stegall, a 30-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency as an undercover officer, spent six years in Afghanistan and Iran. His career spanned the globe on assignments in 11 countries, from Viet Nam to Turkey. He and his wife live in Cape Coral, Florida. He is also the author of Shadow Over the Caribbean. Stegall will soon complete the third Briggs Chester book, Afghanistan Illusion, which takes place during the 10-year Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

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