Proud of Our Canadian Identity!

Our country’s identity is under attack.

I’m not exaggerating.

It’s under attack by the UN and the proponents of globalism who want to destroy our sovereignty.

It’s under attack by the Trudeau government with its policies of mass immigration and forced multiculturalism.

The attacks have intensified in recent weeks.

Radical leftists, who control most universities and much of the media, are now denying the very legitimacy of Canadian society.

They say it’s founded on oppression and colonialism. That we must be ashamed of our history. That we must erase historical references and remove statues to atone for our sins.

It’s simple. They want to destroy Canada as we know it.

These people are insane.

Of course, there have been tragic events in our past. And there are still injustices that must be redressed.

But Canada is not a racist, colonialist or oppressive country.

On the contrary, it’s one of the freest and most tolerant societies on the planet.

That’s why millions of people want to come and live here. We must not allow these destructive forces to win the day. The People’s Party of Canada will defend our identity.

This week, let’s celebrate and be proud of who we are!

Happy Canada Day!

People’s Party of Canada
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