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Ristech Launches Brand-New book2net Cobra Digital Book Scanner for Libraries and Archives

Burlington, ON (PR) April 19, 2012

Designed for libraries and archives, the new Book2net Cobra digital book scanner offers perfect book positioning in a V shaped cradle. Many historical books and documents dont allow for the larger opening angle required by most scanners. The book2net Cobra allows for gentle scanning to help preserve these collections while quickly making them digitally accessible. The Cobra utilizes twin 40 Mega Pixel sensor to capture outstanding image quality and color reproduction, with less background noise and a long life expectancy.

We recognize that digitizing is more important than ever for libraries and that many items require special treatment for preservation purposes, which is why the new Book2net Cobra was designed to offer the best of scanning technology for libraries, said Robb Richardson, President, book2net Inc., North American Operations. After talking with librarians throughout Canada and the United States, we are pleased to offer a digital book scanner that incorporates features with their unique scanning needs in mind.

While the Cobra is making its debut in North America, it has been well accepted as the technology leader in Europe. Installations include many of the most prestigious institutions including: Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany; the German Museum, Munich, Germany; Zurich Central Library, Switzerland; National Library, Bern, Switzerland; Bank of Russian Federation Saint Petersburg Branch and the National Germanic Museum in Nurnberg, among others.

The Book2net Cobra makes it easy for librarians, students, government and museum employees to scan items without damaging them, and provides clear, high-quality scans of materials with a page size of up to 18 x 24 (A2). The unique V-shaped cradle is completely adjustable and includes book spine support. In addition, the new digital book scanner is UV- and IR-free.