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ROTHtv Unveils Secret Tips: How to Navigate the Minefield of Family Wedding Meltdowns

Toronto News,  (PR) February 16, 2012

In the latest edition of ROTHtv, released today, designer Henry Roth discusses a brides future in-laws and how to navigate the minefield of family politics. His experts in the field? Parents, Joseph and Aneta Weinreich, who have been married for close to 60 years.

My parents are 59 years strong married. In this issue of ROTHtv, their wisdoms, vision and concrete advice is issued with dry wit and mountains of practical advice, describes Roth.

Indeed, ROTHtv is all about real people being the experts and so for this episode, Roth turned to a gem of a couple for their pearls of wisdom on how to walk through the minefield of issues regarding in-laws.

Weddings are so explosive because it brings to the front of the line issues that we are able to normally avoid on a day to day basis, explains Roth. “Throw in modern and classic maladies such as step in-laws, family politics, budgets, religion and more make for a potential toxic mix of pre-wedding melt downs, he continues

In their top five tips for inter-family relationships and dynamics, Joseph and Aneta pinpoint respect as being an essential ingredient that feeds into all other aspects of harmonious living.