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Russia and America unite in Space and Medicine

Toronto News, (PR) March 28, 2012

Following the recent decision by NASA to close their space program, America and Russia will now co-operate using the Russian space program to access space. The future of space travel is not the only new alliance between the two countries.

A Russian company; OKB RITM ZAO has opened their North American headquarters in Las Vegas to officially launch their newly FDA cleared space age medical device for pain treatment. Often described as the Star Trek device, RITM SCENAR is a small hand held battery operated medical device that works on the regulatory systems of the body to restore balance and in the process helps the body to deal with acute , chronic and post- operative pain. The new Russian/American company, RITM America, is the exclusive importer for this FDA cleared device and in the past few months have signed new distributors that specialize in non- invasive health care options.

Helen Gracie, Market Development Director for RITM America comments that when looking to buy a pain relief device, the health professional or patient need to ask some crucial questions. There has been a proliferation of new technology entering the USA and Canada and not all companies promoting these types of devices have FDA clearance or Health Canada approval. The genuine RITM SCENAR medical device is the only genuine option that has the research, history, proven clinical efficacy and of course the proper legal registrations. Do your homework before you buy, to avoid costly mistakes, Gracie advises.

Olympic and World champion athletes are already using this space age technology, and it is now available to help North Americans deal with the almost constant occurrence of acute pain associated with sporting injuries, and of course offers hope to the 114 million Americans living in chronic pain.