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Saudi Character coming to ‘Tekken 7’

, Last Updated: 2:55 PM ET

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada unveiled a new character for March 2015 fighting game Tekken 7, a new addition to the 21-plus roster for the latest in a long-running series.

Shaheen stands in smart casual dress — a checked headscarf with thick black circular cord resting atop of it, a stylized overgarment, embroidered sleeves and cloak, and chunky, pale blue trousers paired with pointed black shoes.

His personal background is unknown, but jewelled rings, a large ornamental brooch, and golden motifs adorning cloak and top can be taken to imply wealth and power.

Harada posted the image to Twitter, Facebook and Japanese social networking site Twipple.

The character was first shown as a concept art mockup in August 2014, with Harada developing a dialogue with fans over the creation of several new characters.

The inclusion of a Saudi character builds on the introduction of Modern Oasis in 2012 console release Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a Saudi Arabian backdrop that took its place alongside other stages from around the world.

The series started in 1994 as an arcade game that then made its home console debut the following year on PlayStation; since then, half a dozen spin-offs and a crossover with the “Street Fighter” franchise have been released as “Tekken” enters its 21st year.

Set to come to arcades in Japan starting in February, a home console version of “Tekken 7” is yet to be announced, though series history suggests that a PlayStation 4 edition is likely.


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