Say No to Divisive Racial Politics

Our country is not perfect.

But the reason millions of people want to come and live here is because Canada is one of the most open, tolerant and free societies in history.

Radical leftists hates what we are.


They hate freedom and equal rights.

Their latest trick is to claim that racism pervades all our institutions and our whole society.

They see it everywhere.

They define every social interaction as a struggle between ethnic tribes.

They want us to be judged not by the content of our character, but by the colour of our skin.

And they try to silence anyone who disagrees with their racialized view of society.

The People’s Party absolutely rejects this kind of racial politics.

It will only lead to more division, more resentment and more social strife.

No one should express shame for crimes they did not commit.

No one should feel guilty because of the colour of their skin.

No one should kneel before any mob or for any cause.

We will continue to fight for the ideal of a free society where everyone has equal rights.

People’s Party of Canada
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