Solving Africa’s Problems, or Canada’s Problems?

Justin Trudeau is currently touring Africa and meeting with politicians, most of whom are corrupt despots.

He’s discussing gender issues and climate change, and how to solve their education and health problems.

He’s also promising them more foreign aid. Because he’s there to get their support for his UN Security Council seat.

So he needs to give them something in exchange.

The Liberal government already spent millions in its campaign to get that useless UN seat.

And is spending $6 billion every year on foreign aid.

Africa has a lot of problems for sure. But they’re not our problems. Each country should be RESPONSIBLE for its own problems.

Instead of wasting our money trying to solve Africa’s problems and buying support from African despots, Trudeau should spend more time fixing problems here in Canada.

That’s what a NATIONAL government is for.

The People’s Party is the only party that cares about Canada first.

People’s Party of Canada
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