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Star Dispatches: My Time Among the Beliebers

My time among the Beliebers

My time among the Beliebers will be available at on Dec. 21.

On a Sunday in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand casino and no place for children, 11-year-old Annalise Davis is having an out-of-body experience.

Ten minutes before I met her she met Justin Bieber.

She’s weeping, taking big gulps of air as she recounts the rendezvous at a pre-show meet-and-greet that lasted at most 15 seconds.

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Annalise vibrates, recalling through shrieks and sobs what it was like to lay eyes and eventually other parts of her small body on the doe-eyed crooner who is the biggest pop star on the planet right now.

“I asked him, ‘Can I have my first kiss with you?’ He said ‘I’d love to!’ ”

“He leaned down . . . And I kissed him on the cheek! His left cheek!” Annalise wails. “It was his cheek! But it was my lips!

“It was incredible! He smells so good. His face is perfect! It’s soft! It’s pimple-free!”

For weeks, whenever she thinks of it, she will start to cry. Meeting Justin Bieber was that good.

Bieber is the first genuine social media superstar, discovered and nurtured on YouTube long before he entered a recording studio. He has, at the time of writing, 31.6 million Twitter followers, 49 million Facebook fans, four million Instagram followers and is tops on YouTube with more than three billion views.

There is some chance it will never get bigger than this. But after following Bieber’s Believe tour for two months and 11 shows I wouldn’t bet against him.

Ultimately the people who decide his fate as a long-term artistic success won’t be the record executives who signed him or the marketing department at Island Def Jam Records, or the folks who vote for the Grammys. The people who will decide if Justin Bieber is here to stay are his fans, the Beliebers.

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Over two months, Shawna Richer delved into the heads and hearts of Beliebers to find out what it means, why it matters and what it says about Justin Bieber’s chances at long-term artistic success.

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