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The Fixer: Cars hit bottom of barrel on their way out of Avenue Rd. Beer Store

Fixer, Beer Store

Jack Lakey/Toronto Star Drivers who turn right when exiting the Beer Store on Avenue Rd., north of Lawrence Ave., sometimes don’t see the raised curb while trying to pass vehicles turning left, drive over it and bottom out.

The price of suds at an Avenue Rd. Beer Store is a lot higher for drivers who have to add car repairs to the tab.

The vehicle exit at the Beer Store on Avenue Rd., north of Lawrence Ave., can be tricky for drivers who want to turn right while a vehicle in front of them is waiting to turn left.

If they swing around the vehicle in front to take advantage of an opening in southbound traffic and overlook the curb, they’ll bounce over it and scrape the bottom of their car on the cement.

Greg Brown emailed to say the curb is poorly positioned and “is destroying several cars per day.”

The problem is caused by a curb that extends “halfway across the driveway exit,” said Brown, noting that “unsuspecting motorists who turn right are having their cars drop off the sidewalk and bottom out.

“At night it is even worse. You often see some exhaust systems and bumpers being pulled right out of place here.

“They need to put up some signage or do something to prevent damage to cars. It’s really bad!”

We went there and noticed that the curb tapers down to road level on one side of the exit, but the sidewalk seems to obscure the raised part of it from drivers.

We didn’t see any vehicles drive over the curb, but a patina of scrapes and gouging along the top of it shows that bottoming out is a frequent occurrence.

As we watched cars leave, it was apparent that it is most likely to happen when a driver turning right goes around a car waiting to turn left and doesn’t notice the curb, possibly because they’re watching the oncoming traffic.

But what to do about it? The curb is curved to the right of the exit to allow for a recessed parking area along the street, and can’t easily be lowered.

It’s enough to drive people to drink.

STATUS: We’ve asked Hector Moreno, who’s in charge of road operations in that area for transportation services, if he can see if there’s a way to change the curb, or at least make drivers aware of it.

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