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The Fixer: Crumbling ramp into Dufferin Grove Park is a hazard

Crumbling asphalt

JACK LAKEY/TORONTO STAR An asphalt ramp leading from a sidewalk on Dufferin St. into Dufferin Grove Park is crumbling and too rough for people who use wheelchairs, motorized scooters or baby strollers.

A walk in the park isn’t as easy at it sounds when an asphalt ramp leading into it is too bumpy to use.

There’s a small hill running down from the sidewalk into Dufferin Grove Park, on Dufferin St. south of Bloor St., and a staircase to handle traffic in and out of it.

Beside it is an asphalt ramp that appears to have been built for people pushing baby strollers or bundle buggies — it’s right across the street from Dufferin Mall — as an alternative to the stairs.

Tyler Clark Burke emailed to say the ramp is “treacherous and very difficult to navigate,” because the asphalt is deteriorating.

“There’s also a significant ledge at the top where the degraded pavement meets the sidewalk, which is very difficult to push your stroller over without using extreme force,” said Burke.

“I’m writing after going over on my ankle the other day while trying to take my daughter into the park.”

We noticed lots of people wheeling strollers in and out of the park when we were there, but most avoided the ramp. Some pushed their gear up the grassy hill, while others bumped down over the stairs.

The asphalt over much of the ramp is starting to crumble, while two potholes have formed that are large enough to deter many people with a small child in a stroller from risking it.

The stairs and ramp are near a pedestrian crosswalk on Dufferin that leads to an entrance to the mall, and a TTC bus stop, which creates a lot of traffic in and out of the park.

STATUS: Ray Stukas, parks manager in that area, sent a supervisor to check it out after we told him about the ramp. He called back Wednesday to say a crew had patched the holes in it and smoothed out the surface with fresh asphalt.

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