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The Sun House – an Affordable Dream Lifestyle

Toronto News, (PR) March 27, 2012

A new house concept called the Sun House, which may become the next generation of houses in Canada and other cold climate regions, has been recently presented to the public by Human Wisdom, a Montreal-based synergic creativity company.

The new house concept dedicates practically half of the house volume to an indoor garden. This way, the Sun House, as its promoter calls it, will offer much more than a traditional house either an indoor swimming pool with a small beach, or a garden where you can picnic while outside its raining cats and dogs, an Italian pergola with the best grapes in the world, or a hobby greenhouse for those passionate of flowers, fruits and vegetables everything to each one’s taste.

The Sun House is the natural result of a comprehensive analysis of the reality in which we live, says its promoter Dan Bostan, an engineer who has been working in Montreal real estate for over twenty years. It adopts the simplest and most functional architectural solutions and integrates them with a large ‘exterior-indoor’ space into a customized living environment aiming to diminish the daily stress and enhance our enjoyment of life. Our ultimate goal is to convert the 52 weekends of the year into as many small vacations, says Bostan.

A prototype of the Sun House will be built this summer in a synergic effort by a group of architects and companies specialized in the construction of houses, solariums, greenhouses, swimming pools, HVAC and geothermal systems. We wish to incorporate the valuable knowledge and experience of the best professionals in these fields to be able to create the best house model possible, says the promoter.

This experimental model will be equipped with a complex temperature and humidity measurement equipment, which will monitor the thermal and comfort performance of the house and its indoor garden during each season of the year. All the data and observations obtained during the first experimental year will be made public so that everyone interested can learn and benefit from this experience.”

The promoter will also organize open houses during each season to allow the public and the construction companies to see live how this house performs and to get on site answers to any questions they may have. “We believe that if we will be completely transparent during this experimental stage of the concept, everyone will benefit – the house builders as well as the future owners of these houses, says Bostan.