This is How it’s Done

I’ve got a bit of good news to share with you buddy!
Do you know about March Madness?
It’s when all the government departments figure out how much money they’ve got left at the end of the budget year, and then go crazy trying to spend it.

They do it so it looks like they actually need the money – but they don’t.
Last March we put a stop to it.

And you know what?

By putting an end to wasteful spending practices, including March Madness, we have saved taxpayers $153 million.

Now, $153 million is a lot of money, but it’s not enough. We’re going to keep chipping away until we get this budget under control.

Interest payments on our debt are $1.5 million every hour.

The Liberals left us a crazy situation. You and I know, they’d do it again.

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