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This might be the greatest catch in NFL history

Before anything else is said, just watch this catch. Take your time. We can wait.

No matter how many times you see Odell Beckham Jr. come down with the ball, you still have no idea how he did it. No one does. Not the NBC broadcast team. Not the millions watching on television. Not even scientists probably.

Not even the referee, who likely threw the flag out of some primal, subconscious fear that this sort of thing was actually possible in reality. You can’t just break the laws of physics, Odell Beckham Jr., and get away with it.*

And then, once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, some tech sleuth decides to post a blown-up picture of the catch, showing precisely how many fingers Beckham used to grasp the football (three). Again – off-balance, with the football behind him, without the use of any other part of his body to cradle it. 

Naturally, the internet began discussing this at length, and the catch earned some high praise from elite company, and nearly every NFLer who uses Twitter.

Beckham actually practised this move and other one-handers in the pre-game warmup

He’s also made a catch like this before, in college

None of which explains how Beckham managed to procure the services of a wizard scientist to make such catches possible in our three-dimensional universe. 

*The flag was actually thrown for pass interference on the defence, which makes the catch even more stupid. Beckham has no need for the mortal laws of football. 

Where does Odell Beckham’s catch rank among the greatest of all-time?

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