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Timing as much as anything a reason to scuttle Olympic bid

So, no Olympic bid.

We broke the story last night that the Mayor’s going to say Toronto is out of the bidding – well, it’s more like the city isn’t actually going to get in the bidding rather and drop out of it – and how do we all feel about this?

I’m kind of conflicted, to tell you the truth.

I think the Olympics here would, in many ways, be a wonderful thing.

Vastly improved sports facilities and their legacies, much need infrastructure projects that would eventually make life easier for all of us, a much-welcome boost of civic pride at being able to pull something that substantial off.

I think they could have been good and important and helpful; I like to think I would have supported them wholeheartedly if a bid was in the offing.

That said, there was always something troubling about the idea of going whole hog now for 202  4; it’s seemed from the first time it was proposed to be little more than a kneejerk reaction to the feel-good memories of the Pan American Games and I don’t think that’s any way to go into something as big as an Olympic bid.

Taking a step back seems like a good idea, we have no idea how this never-ending federal election campaign will play out (we are still in an election campaign, right?) and what the repercussions of that will be and I don’t know that there was enough time to truly do all the necessary due diligence before launching an official bid.

Forget for a moment that the Canadian Olympic Committee keeps telling anyone who’ll listen how supportive it is, that’s really got nothing to do with the process and it’d be shocking and deadly if they weren’t behind it.

No, this is a mixture of government and private sector spending – big time spending – and to me the timeline just didn’t work.

That’s too bad because I think an Olympics would be a worthwhile pursuit if it was done with much consultation and with more than a couple of months of thought and preparation.

Timing, as they say, is everything and I just don’t think the timing of this works.

Maybe if one of the European cities wins (it’s Hamburg, Rome, Budapest, Paris and Los Angeles going for the Games) Toronto can take a look at 2028.

Now, sadly, is not the right time.

So, these guys played a little concert in our newsroom yesterday afternoon and I guess I should try to spend more time in the office.

Well, here we go.

It’s the debut day of our new StarTouch tablet app that will seriously change how we deliver news to you each morning and it’s actually very, very cool.

You should download it on to your tablets right now, I saw a bunch of prototypes before today’s launch and they were quite something; this morning’s first live one certainly didn’t disappoint.

I don’t think it’s going to have a lot of impact how we do things in this little corner, we’ve kind of been ahead of the curve all along and this will just enhance how we do things.

I expect the Nothin’ But Net there will incorporate some kind of video and audio which will be neat, the game packages will have a lot more to them and it might be fun to see what we come up with.

We’ve invested a lot in this endeavour, a lot of money and time and resources; we’ll stay true to what we do but in a different form.

Now, many of you realize my Luddite tendencies when it comes to the interwebs and what we can do so we’ll soldier on and get this newfangled thing worked out.

Please check it out.

Anyone miss a ball game last night?

We’re at the point in this magical season for the Blue Jays that days off suck; we want to experience the thrill of a pennant race every day.

Okay, I think everyone in the vast travelling party is out of Mexico so I can tell the story about the Cop Shakedown that was one of the highlights of the journey, or a lowlight.

One of us – and it wasn’t me but he best remain anonymous in case he ever want to go back – was out on this pedestrian bar/restaurant street one night, sipping a beer and minding his own business.

Now, it’s true we weren’t totally familiar with the laws and traditions but seeing how we saw Moms sitting in the front seats of cars on the highways with babies on their laps, we figured things were a bit lax and this street, just off Reforma seemed like one big party.

Two non-English speaking cops meet up with my friend, make it known he’s violating some law – and who knows if he actually was – and though hand signals and google translate apps on their phones, let it be known he needs to pay 5,000 Mexican pesos directly to them to solve the problem.

Well, that’s bullpoop and everyone knows it. My buddy tells the cop they need to go to the hotel around the corner and find someone who can translate so this little misunderstanding can be cleared up. That starts the negotiations in the middle of the street and once 400 pesos change hands the whole mess goes away.

Street justice, I guess.


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