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Top Ticket: Three shows to see Nov. 8 to 14

Long Winter

Watch this if: You need a good reason to welcome Canada’s dropping temperatures.

Winter is coming. But the good news is, so is Long Winter, a most memorable seasonal concert series. Kicking off its fourth year on Nov. 13, back in its usual home at the Great Hall, Long Winter is more like a modern salon than a straight-up rock show. Alongside musical acts like Calvin Love, PONY and Sasha Chapin are the renowned comedy team Laugh Sabbath (Chris Locke, Sara Hennessy, Marty Topps, I could go on . . .), dancer Benjamin Kamino, visual art by Maylee Todd and many more, DJs, an arcade, a talk show with music journalist Vish Khanna. Seriously, this lineup is stacked and it’s only the first instalment. You may end up wishing winter would stay.

Nov. 13, The Great Hall, 1087 Queen St. W., $ 10 at

The Sex Tape Project

Watch this if: You like guilt-free voyeurism.

Don’t let the title intimidate you, this is not a DIY kind of project. This is an experimental performance by fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company that places the audience in a building across the street from the actors, watching through windows and listening to dialogue on headphones. The trick is that the audience will be hearing one of three scripts written by Adrienne Wong, Donald Woo and David Yee, this year’s Governor General’s Award winner for English-lanugage drama — all drastically different stories using the same “physical score.” Buy a pass to hear all three, then perhaps make up your own at home.

Nov. 13 to Dec. 6, Centre for Social Innovation, 215 Spadina Ave. Passes $ 40 at

The Road to Paradise

Watch this if: You want theatre without borders.

The Road to Paradise weaves together three international stories: a child suicide bomber in Pakistan, a Canadian soldier in Kandahar and an Afghan woman living in Toronto. These kinds of stories have been told in Toronto before, but perhaps not like this. The show was created over six years, with members of Toronto’s Human Cargo Theatre company travelling to Pakistan and Afghanistan to interview families affected by war and to work with internationally renowned artists like Pakistan’s Samiya Mumtaz and Afghanistan’s Parwin Mushtael (who immigrated to Toronto during the creation of this play after her husband was killed). They both star in the production, alongside Toronto’s Christine Horne. Directed by Christopher Morris, and co-written by Morris and John Garfinkel, the play will be told in both English and Dari.

Nov. 14 to 28, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander St. Tickets $ 25 at


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