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Toronto Hydro is plugging into SeeClickFix

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When Toronto Hydro looked at SeeClickFix as another way for the public to report problems, the lights went on.

The electrical utility says it is now monitoring SeeClickFix regularly for complaints about street lights and its equipment, and sees it as a quality alternative to its standard reporting process.

The Star partnered with SeeClickFix last summer, tapping into a North America-wide online forum for people to connect by reporting and talking about problems in their community.

Our “report a problem” link is still on the Fixer home page at, but the SeeClickFix template at the bottom of the page quickly became the most popular way for readers to register complaints.

A reader recently commented on SeeClickFix that Toronto Hydro didn’t seem to be monitoring it for street light problems, which we mentioned to Tanya Bruckmueller-Wilson, who deals with media for hydro.

She checked it out, registered as a SeeClickFix user and replied to a street light complaint, saying it would be fixed.

After surfing SeeClickFix and seeing the potential for staying on top of issues reported by the public, Bruckmueller-Wilson said she met with senior officials, who gave the go-ahead to adopt it as a reporting tool.

One of the features that appealed to Hydro is the SeeClickfix mobile app, she said, which allows people to report problems and even post a photo from a cellphone.

Hydro still encourages people to use its website,, to access its street light service request form, or call the lights-out hotline at 416-542-3195.

David Crawford, of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, emailed to say they’ve begun using SeeClickFix to report problems, but added that some city departments and Hydro aren’t paying enough attention.

He also asked that when we write a story about a problem reported on SeeClickFix, we should open the complaint and make note of it, and then close the complaint after it’s fixed.

What’s broken in your neighbourhood? Wherever you are in Greater Toronto, we want to know. To contact us, go to and open the SeeClickFix template, or click on the “submit a problem” link. Call us at 416-869-4823. To read our blog, click on “blogs” at the top of,END or go to Follow us on Twitter at TOStarFixer.