Vince adds some excitement to another Raptors victory

Vince adds some excitement to another Raptors victory

Yeah, there was a game and we’ll get to it but first …


Yielded this

And it is the greatest little bit in sitcom history.

Now, the Raptors and Hawks.

Another win, another solid road trip completed, a bit of a news event right at the end and now a day to decompress.

Not bad at all.

And there was this stuff, too.

Hitting the mark

Of course it came on a dunk. Why wouldn’t, why shouldn’t it?

And of course it came in the final second of a blowout game forcing everybody in the gym to rewrite what they’ve already done in a blowout Raptors win because that’d be a way for Vince to cause just a little bit of consternation.

Still, it was great to see Carter go over 25,000 points, I’m very glad he did it against Toronto, very disappointed I wasn’t there in person to see it.

The Hawks did a nice little tribute on their tweeter machine feed and there will be lots more congratulations pouring in today, I would imagine.

(Yes, that is Dan Shulman calling the first basket of Carter’s career)

Yeah, at 21 years in the game and his skill level there was a sense of inevitability to the accomplishment but he still did it and the fact he’s still going more than two decades after he began is an accomplishment in itself.

I love that he’s not a ring-chaser and choses teams for personal reasons rather than personal glory and I can’t wait to see him enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

A troubling sign

Even when they were rolling to that 12-1 start, you could see signs that the Raptors really haven’t developed a true killer instinct yet.

Big leads disappeared, games got closer than they should have and it was almost like they got bored at times before realizing they were talented enough to just bludgeon teams when they had to.

Happened again last night and I know Nick Nurse didn’t want to put Kyle Lowry back in the game in the fourth quarter but the Hawks were making a fuss, the game wasn’t getting close but it was close to being close and it might have been an over-reaction but I understand entirely why he went back to Lowry.

That Kyle got smacked in the nose and was bleeding all over the court certainly wasn’t what Nurse had in mind; letting big leads either disappear entirely or be carved into too much is something they need to work on.

A valuable piece

As insurance pieces go, you’ve got to figure that Lorenzo Brown is a pretty darn good one.

Even when you think he’s just the fourth point on a team that will ever only play three, he’s out there because those other points – Delon Wright and Kyle Lowry mostly – have the ability to guard other positions and one a team wracked with injuries to its wings, Brown is hugely valuable.

He lets Nurse play Wright or Lowry at the two, he’s an okay shooter and he knows what he isn’t – that’s a good thing – and getting 15 minutes out of him last night was a solid contribution.


11: Triple doubles as a Raptor by Kyle Lowry after last night’s 21 point, 17 assist, 12 rebound gem.

12: Triple doubles, combined, by every other Raptor who has ever played a game for Toronto.

All right, need to get cracking on a bunch of stuff to satisfy our early weekend deadlines. But there was this from me yesterday and this from Laura and if you want to get into the weekend mailbag, just go to and you can play along.

Happy shopping.


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