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Work remains but the Raptors have chosen the right path to follow

That certainly turned into a day.

Wake up to the news that P.J. Tucker’s leaving town and get that typed up quickly.

Loaf for a bit before Serge Ibaka decides to come back about noon and get that typed up quickly.

Kill some more time and get ready to meld the two early stories into one and get word that maybe – maybe – the Kyle Lowry thing would be resolved but that it wouldn’t be until late and get a bit ticked off that the day would apparently never end.

Start typing the bottom of a Lowry story with Ibaka and Tucker in it and think about what was going to go on the barbecue while refreshing the interwebs when The Players’ Tribune thing drops a few hours earlier than worst-case scenario.

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Send in quick-hitter story on the Lowry news, try to make sense of it all in the bigger context and finally get to eating and being bugged by ever-energetic Super Dog 2.0 about 8 p.m.

And how was the Sunday of your holiday weekend?

Anyway, that’s what they pay us the mediocre bucks to do and it’s something like that every Canada Day so big whoop.

But the thing is, for all the shenanigans of Sunday – probably one of the busiest “news” days of an off-season for a very, very long time — there remains work to do for Masai and The Henchmen.

As we mentioned in this, the final story of the day, there are some financial issues he’s going to look at, some trade thoughts to have and pursue and a roster spot to fill in the wake of Tucker’s departure.

Whether they get done today (today’s Monday, right?) or tomorrow or Wednesday or even Thursday is almost irrelevant; there is work to do and to get too worked up at this moment about whether they’ll have the full mid-level to spend or the taxpayer mid-level is hardly worth it. They’re not going to get much for either amount –$ 8 million doesn’t attract a ton in this man’s NBA economic climate although with money drying up rapidly around the league there may be bargains to be had later this week – and if they do creep into the tax they have the entire season to take a shot at getting below the threshold.

No, what’s important is that they have decided to remain in the Eastern Conference fray and, in that regard, Masai’s won free agency at this moment. With all around them taking a step back – and Atlanta lost Paul Millsap to Denver overnight in case you missed it – sticking to the fight was the only logical thing to do, I contend.

With some questions out there about the future of LeBron James in Cleveland – although I don’t believe for a second right now that he’s going anywhere at the next season – having three very good core players locked up for the relatively short period of three years keeps the Raptors relevant and in contention.

Isn’t that the point of the whole exercise?

The Raptors aren’t better today than they were at the disappointing end of last season, no question about that. They will miss Tucker not only because of what he brought on the court but because of the way I think he could police the locker room and his teammates and that’s a blow.

But they aren’t appreciably worse and there’s still months and months and months for Masai to tinker and for Dwane to figure it all out and in this day and age in these Eastern Conference circumstances, that’s not a bad position to be in at all.

Now, if we could maybe have a quiet day so I can get to the mounds of laundry I neglected all weekend and some time for other chores (and, yeah, a stool respite would be nice) I promise to hit the ground working hard tomorrow.

Deal, Masai?

We’re gonna do a bit of Canadian stuff in this spot every day this month and this is a good start, isn’t it?

If you’ve got requests, you know how to reach me but I’m pretty resourceful in thinking of stuff.

Some people see a six-storey high inflatable rubber duck floating on the lake off downtown Toronto and ask “why?”

Some people see a six-storey high inflatable rubber duck floating on the lake off downtown Toronto and ask “why the hell not?”

Bonus points for getting the paraphrasing and triple bonus points if you agree that the ginormous duck that took up residence here for the weekend is outstandingly cool.

I don’t know precisely why I think that so strongly but I do and you should, too.

I see Wimbledon has started and that’ll be solid white noise each morning for a fortnight until I pay closer attention when it gets to Federer, Murray, Djokovic and Nadal in the semis.

(That’s got everything to do with history and rivalries and talent rather than gender so don’t yell at me)

But one thing that will surely cause me to either (a) switch to some Law and Order or CSI SomethingOrOther replay or (b) throw a shoe at the TV will be the first time some inane commentator gives any credence to this whole issue of where Serena would sit on the men’s rankings.

It’s ridiculous, stupid, not worth a second of anyone’s time and shame on the otherwise entertaining McEnroe bloke for even starting the nonsense.


Summer League practices start out in Vegas this week for the Raptors!

Everybody pumped?