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Worlds Demand for Uranium Increasing Not Decreasing

Toronto News, (PR) April 28, 2012

Sasha Cekerevac, co-editor for Penny Stock Detectives, believes that, in spite of the Japanese nuclear disaster, the energy needs around the world cannot be met by green energy yet, so uranium will be used to meet current energy needs for countries and their citizens. In a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, Cekerevac points out that the U.S. is now proceeding with building the first nuclear power plant in over 30 years, while Japan, China, and India have not slowed down their significant investments in uranium. He says this is proof that countries need uranium to meet their energy needs.

According to Cekerevac, uranium is the most efficient producer of electricity currently available. Since the Japanese nuclear disaster caused existing investors to sell uranium shares, Cekerevac feels that investors need to consider of this beaten-down sector again.

As outlined in Cekerevacs article, Cameco recently announced that it would be expanding its uranium reserves by buying a major piece of a Canadian uranium mine. The mine is called the Millennium project; its not yet in production, but is only a proposed uranium mine. This project so far has an estimate of 50.9 million pounds of uranium as indicated resources, with 16.7 million pounds as inferred uranium resources.

The details arent the key, according to Cekerevac; whats important is that Cameco, one of the worlds largest uranium mining stocks, believes that future demand will be rising and is actively looking for more uranium resources. This should make investors sit up and pay attention. A lot of money can be made by getting ahead of the curve, says Cekerevac, looking for mining stocks that are trading as penny stocks in the uranium sector. He points out that, before they get hot, before uranium starts shooting up, big mining stocks appear as if theyre hunting for reserves and penny stocks might be on the target list.

Of the uranium penny stocks out there, Cekerevac feels that an interesting one is Denison Mines. This company explores for and mines uranium mainly in Canada and the U.S. Unlike some of the smaller mining stocks, Denison also has some exploration properties in Mongolia and Zambia. The more exploration properties a firm has, says the editor, the better the potential upside when looking at uranium penny stocks.

Cekerevac went on to alert investors: Watch the uranium sector over the next 12-14 months, as more deals might make this a very hot sector.

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