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Zurich Prime Plans to Increase Its Sirix Station

There is no doubt that Zurich Prime is a well-known, well established and reputable firm in the financial services industry. This is why concerns were raised when recently, according to some reports, had sent out letters informing its clients that it

An official press release which was publicized today in London through PRWEB, comes to alleviate the fears and concerns of traders, since Zurich Prime and its partners jointly announced that not only they will continue offering Sirix Station, but that the high demand for this product leads them to launch new mobile trading platforms in 2014.

More specifically, during 2014 Zurich Prime plans to increase its Sirix Station trading availability by offering the ability to trade from multiple mobile devices, while it will also offer more trading choices by adding new options. This will be done through the international site http://www.Zurich, which is currently available in both Russian and English.

Philip S Martin, CEO at Zurich Prime is quoted in the official press release as saying that: “We are committed to providing our clients with the best trading experience. As the leaders in the online trading industry, our Sirix Station will be of no exception in case of running customers interest, and this will be accomplished with the cooperation of our partners.”

On the same wavelength, John Samanca, VP of Business Development at Trading Technologies comments, according to the same press release that: “With only a short time since Zurich Prime’s Sirix Station launch in September, we are pleased with the success of the product and proud to be working with Sirix Station which provide its service to such a company as Zurich Prime. We look forward to launching some new and exciting technology with them in 2014.”

In order to correctly assess the importance of this announcement, one should bear in mind that Sirix Station trading platform is chosen by many leading regulated brokers, such as, and more. Moreover, one should also take into account that Zurich Prime is justifiably considered as one of the world’s leading names in online Forex trading,  since it serves clients in 150 different countries across the world, through its offices in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Dubai, New York, Shanghai, Moscow and other important financial centers. Indicative of Zurich Prime’s success is the fact that during 2013 the company significantly increased its client base and also managed to increase its trading volume by 57%, with its average monthly turnover reaching 131.2 bln USD. Only yesterday Zurich Prime announced that in January, 2014, its trading volume in Russia and the CIS came to 136.6 bln USD, recording an increase of 24% compared to the same period in 2013. According to the same announcement, the aggregate number of trades in January, 2014 spilled over the 1 mln lot mark, and the number of open accounts at Zurich Prime was close to 1.1 mln.

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